Stress, time and money

That's why. Our minds conjure up solutions for any and every repetitive, time exhausting problem we come across. Our instincts decide whether its a problem we resolve manually or in our modern age, programmatically. Here are some of the issues all banner developers run into on a daily and the role itsy banner plays in resolving those issues. Resulting in saving you stress, time and money.

Code Compression

Two popular methods of execution come to mind in terms of minifying code. Online minifiers (Closure Compiler, jscompress), and code bundlers (Webpack, Grunt, Gulp). Lets break down why iTsy Banner is a more reliable resource in terms of banner development.

Online Minifiers (Closure Compiler, jscompress)

There are dozens of css, js, and html minifiers to choose from. They allow multiple files to be drag and dropped, exporting out a single chunk of code. Great when projects depend on just a couple of files but quickly lose effectiveness the larger the project. Imagine after finally compressing and packaging up your files, the designer appointed asks for a small "quick" change. You gracefully grin, hiding the screams inside and reply "no problem." Soon after completing and verifying this is the last change, to save time, you assume recompressing only the files that were altered would be your best option, but quickly remember that you have to initialize your javascript code in a specific order. You decide to keep things simple and re minify everything. You open your browser, type in the url for the online minifier, switch over to your i.d.e, open your file, select all, copy, run back over to the online minifier, paste, doing this repeatedly for all javascript and css files. Finally, The process of relief spreading throughout your body begins only to be interrupted by the copywriters voice asking if possible to apply their own set of last minute changes. Damn!!!!!

Code Bundlers (Webpack, Grunt, Gulp)

They allow for amazing things but require a steep learning curve just to install and configure properly. Even though bundlers can be utilized for simple task, they are usually geared more towards advanced web-app development.

Image Compression

There are a couple tools out there that make compressing images immensely simple (tinypng, tinyjpg, resizeimage.net). While great, unfortunately they are not part of a unified process making them another step and personality you're forced to deal with, further complicating bundling and optimizing a banner. With iTsy Banner, Image compression is built into the process not isolated from it.

Approval Process

Getting banners approved can be a difficult task. Some try to find a convenient time for everyone involved (copywriters, designers, etc) to attend a meeting and present the finished product. The developer jots down changes, attempts to neutralize them and present again until everyone is satisfied. Other developers have everyone inconveniently hover over their shoulders as they fix changes on the spot, rushing, one after the other. Some go as far as emailing source files and communicate over the phone what changes need to be made. But before that, you'll need to direct them on how to open and preview the banner. “Which file do I click on? Why are there so many files? Why is the index.html file opening up in a text editor?" God forbid they extract files to their cluttered desktop.

Last word

Expecting each company to create their own unique tedious process of optimizing banners is very time consuming and not very cost effective. Optimizing banners might be of such annoyance that companies stray away from creativity because of the stress doing so brings. You submit and become dependent only on the strict list of libraries allowed by advertising platforms (Doubleclick) and are forced to export all images out as a single sprite sheet. All brands depend on the beauty and quality of their banners to effectively present their products. But find it hard to do so under such tight conditions. Some might cleverly pump out nice looking banners under these strict limitations, but when allied with iTsy find these limitations to significantly lessen or simply become nonexistent, resulting in banner ads looking and functioning the way they were meant to be. Way to go iTsy!!!

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