HTML Minifier/Bundler for Banner Ads

Optimize all code and images down into 1 single HTML file reducing file size by up to 50%!!!

When Flash was king in terms of banner development, compiling and delivering banners was simple. Adobe flash software was able to merge all dependant Actionscript files and images into a single swf file. A process HTML development lacked, until now.

What does iTsy Banner do?

iTsy Banner compresses, minifies all your code and images down into 1 single HTML file reducing filesize by up to 50%. Rendering Doubleclicks 10 file limit irrelevant and also allowing for more libraries or higher quality images to be loaded. iTsy allows for developers to focus on the cool stuff and alleviate pressure in terms of exceeding the 200kb file limit recommended by the IAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

See The Difference

When delivering a file to a publisher, the banner must be compressed as a zip file. According to IAB Display Advertising Guidelines, the weight of that zip file should be no larger than 200KB. Below, the raw source weighs 383kb zipped, 183kb over the recommended filesize limit. After being compiled through iTsy, the visual result is hardly any different weighing 68% less than the original. DAMN!!! Giving you more room to add more libraries, add more images, or enhance the quality of the images already included.

383kb Source:

123kb Compiled:

Code Compression

Immediately after uploading, iTsy Banner analyzes your DOM structure, figuring out what code your loading and in what order. We then seamlessly, compress all your code quickly in the background and inject the output into a single html file. The routine of opening a online minifier and repeatedly processing all javascript and css files one by one, is plain ol ridiculous and now a thing of the past thanks to iTsy.

Campaign Platform Manager

After uploading a banner or banners, A page is generated displaying each and everyone of them simultaneously. Grab the url, share it with designers, copywriters, etc and get feed back asap. Click on the details button and see exactly how much ksize itsybanner saved for you.

Coming Soon

Post Compile Image Compression

Image compression is built right into the compiling process. After uploading, iTsy scans through your code, finds all images, and by default applies a quality setting on each that cuts k size significantly and displays hardly any difference from the original. If needed, iTsy will soon allow you to change the quality settings on each image post-compile while giving you a real time visual comparison between the original and compressed version with it's corresponding new file size alongside it. Recompile your banner and within seconds receive your banners new file size. Heres a preview.


When a banner is uploaded, prior to being processed the compiler immediately looks within the root folder of your banner for a javascript file named "config.js". This file is expected to hold a valid json object used to alter different aspects of the bundling process. In this example, "quality", "base64", and "save_dir" properties are set and passed to all images using the "images" object.

  1. {
  2.   'images':{
  3.     'quality':1,
  4.     'base64':true,
  5.     'save_dir':'images/hey'
  6.   }
  7. };
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